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The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) protects the water resources of the Great Basin for current and future residents. Read our 40 questions and answers about the Las Vegas Water Grab Las Vegas Water Grab Rejected by Nevada Supreme Court Press Releases, GWBN Newsletters & Other Documents

In The News — Below are press stories about the Southern Nevada Water Authority's "water grab" in Nevada and Utah as well as other "mega" water projects that threaten the Great Basin and/or the Colorado River system. [Note: Stories open in new browser window]

October 05, 2019 — October marks ongoing 30 year water war — [By Kyle Roernik Special to The Ely Times] This month marks the 30th anniversary of the ongoing fight to stop one of the largest-ever water grabs in the history of the nation. In October 1989, the Las Vegas Valley Water District applied to take more than 260 billion gallons of water annually throughout the Great Basin – with much of the focus on Eastern Nevada and Western Utah’s Pleistocene-era aquifers. The plan was simple: Have the State Engineer grant the applications for water, get Congress to carve-out a Right of Way on federal land, pump the water and deliver it to Las Vegas via a 300-mile, $15.5 billion pipeline (2011 dollars) — The Ely Times [Print PDF]

September 26, 2019 — In major move, Utah pulls most hydropower out of Lake Powell pipeline — Utah’s proposed Lake Powell pipeline will cost less to build and be easier to permit under a decision announced Wednesday to cut major hydropower components from the controversial project that would move 86,000 acre-feet of Colorado River water to St. George – sltrib.com

September 23, 2019 — Las Vegas water use has dropped, but its affluent residents remain copious consumers — Total and per-capita water use in Southern Nevada has declined over the last decade, even as the region’s population has increased by 14%. But water use among the biggest water users — some of the valley’s wealthiest, most prominent residents — has held steady. . . “The water authority has done a very, very effective job as it relates to their water smart landscape rebate program, but they can’t force people to do it,” said Kyle Roerink, executive director of the Great Basin Water Network. But that doesn’t change the fact that Nevada is the driest state in the country. Despite gains this winter due to heavy snowfall, Lake Mead water levels have been dropping since at least 1999. “It’s going to be incumbent upon individuals to realize that they live in the desert and that there isn’t an infinite supply of water for them to use wantonly,” Roerink said — Las Vegas Sun

September 15, 2019 — Study: Inadequate Groundwater for Current and Potential Demands in Basin Targeted by Las Vegas Springs, creeks, and wetlands on the Nevada-Utah border are at risk in “worst-case” pumping scenario, U.S. Geological Survey finds. — There is not enough water to support important wetlands and springs in a semi-arid desert ecosystem that straddles the Nevada-Utah border if all permitted and proposed groundwater rights are put to use, according to a U.S. Geological Survey study of the Snake Valley. There also may not be enough groundwater to satisfy the desires of the Las Vegas area, whose water agencies have eyed the valley for decades as a potential supply source — circleofblue.org [Download/read USGS Report]   [Audio File 4.5- min]

August 27, 2019 — Environmental groups argue lands bill will exempt Las Vegas pipeline from judicial review; water authority disagrees — Environmental groups are raising concerns over a provision in draft legislation they believe could exempt the Las Vegas pipeline — a proposal to pump eastern Nevada groundwater about 300 miles to Southern Nevada — from further litigation and federal environmental review — thenevadaindependent.com (More Coverage)

August 23, 2019 — [Commentary — By Kyle Roerink] Delegation must not carry SNWA’s water for Las Vegas pipeline — Officials at the Southern Nevada Water Authority want the state’s congressional delegation to do their dirty work for them. A legislative proposal that serves as a federal wish list for Clark County–– including the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) –– has provisions which would partially enable and authorize the long-contested Las Vegas water grab pipeline. The proposal –– as outlined in a discussion draft put forward by Clark County –– circumvents bedrock environmental laws in order to pave the way for the 300-mile pumping and piping project to siphon 58 billion gallons of water annually from Eastern Nevada in perpetuity — nevadacurrent.com
Support Document: Letter from GBWN to Senator Catherine Cortez Masto — RE: Pipeline Provisions (Sections 802(a) and 804) in Clark County Lands Bill [PDF]

August 17, 2019— First-ever mandatory water cutbacks will kick in next year along the Colorado River — Arizona, Nevada and Mexico will be required to take less water from the Colorado River for the first time next year under a set of agreements that aim to keep enough water in Lake Mead to reduce the risk of a crash. The federal Bureau of Reclamation activated the mandatory reductions in water deliveries on Thursday when it released projections showing that as of Jan. 1, the level of Lake Mead will sit just below a threshold that triggers the cuts — USA Today

July 18, 2019 — SNWA unanimously votes to extend quarter-cent sales tax — The Southern Nevada Water Authority Board of Directors voted unanimously Thursday to ask the Clark County Commission to make permanent a quarter-cent sales tax that has collected $1.5 billion dollars since 1999. A letter of approval will be drafted and sent to the Clark County Commission with the caveat that none of the funds from the tax be used on the controversial SNWA proposed 300-mile pipeline that would send 58 billion gallons of water from Eastern Nevada to Las Vegas annually. “This sales tax is critical not only for the water authority but for the water and wastewater system across Clark County,” said Southern Nevada Water Authority General Manager John Entsminger — nevadacurrent.com [Related Information from GBWN]

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