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The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) protects the water resources of the Great Basin for current and future residents. Read our 40 questions and answers about the Las Vegas Water Grab Las Vegas Water Grab Rejected by Nevada Supreme Court Press Releases, GWBN Newsletters & Other Documents

In The News — Below are press stories about the ongoing drought in the west; press stories also cover the Southern Nevada Water Authority's "water grab" in Nevada and Utah; and other "mega" water projects that threaten the Great Basin. [Note: Stories open in new browser window]

Lake Mead (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) August 19, 2016 — Climate change is water change — why the Colorado River system is headed for major trouble — There’s good news and bad news for the drought-stricken Colorado River system, according to projections just released in a new federal report from the Bureau of Reclamation, manager of dams, powerplants and canals. The report predicts that Lake Mead — the river system’s largest reservoir, supplying water to millions of people in Nevada, Arizona, California and Mexico — will narrowly escape a shortage declaration next year. But a shortage is looking imminent in 2018, and water experts are growing ever more worried about the river system’s future — The Washington Post

August 18, 2016 — Nevada could see cut in its 2018 water allocation because of drought — AP

August 17, 2016 — Conservation Prevents Colorado River Shortage Declaration — A resolute effort in Arizona, California, and Nevada to reduce Colorado River water use is slowing the decline of Lake Mead and delaying mandatory restrictions on water withdrawals from the drying basin — circleofblue

August 15, 2016 — Study: Drought like 2000-2006 would empty Lake Powell — [Lake Powell is barely half-full after one of the driest 15-year periods for upper basin ] . . . From his office along the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, Eric Kuhn can see the bottom of Lake Powell. Kuhn, the general manager of the Colorado River District, has been working for months on a study asking if future droughts will drop water levels in Lake Powell so low that Glen Canyon Dam won’t be able to produce hydropower or release enough water to meet downstream demands — aspendailynews.com [Print - HTML Format]

August 06, 2016 — New Colorado River book recasts ‘wasteful’ Las Vegas as a monument to smart water use — The dancing jets of water in front of the Bellagio have served as a convenient symbol of waste in countless news stories and documentaries. Author John Fleck offers a different take in “Water is for Fighting Over,” his new book about the Colorado River: The fountains, he writes, “represent one of the most economically productive uses of water you’ll find in the West.” — RJ.com [Mobil Link]

August 06, 2016 — Lake Mead still shrinking, but lower consumption offers glimmer of hope — A late-season surge of rain and snow melt made a bad year better for the Colorado River, but it wasn’t enough to lift Lake Mead out of record-low territory. The reservoir that supplies 90 percent of the Las Vegas Valley’s drinking water bottomed out at 1,071.61 feet above sea level on July 1, its lowest level since May 1937, when the lake was filling for the first time behind a newly completed Hoover Dam — RJ.com

August 06, 2016 — Las Vegas Water-Rationing Looms Amid "Structural Drought" In US Southwest — zerohedge.com

August 02, 2016 — Colorado River’s Tale of Two Basins —In Colorado, rivers flow not only down mountain slopes but beneath them, across them, and through them. Nearly four dozen canals, tunnels, and ditches in the state move water out of natural drainages and into neighboring basins. Some snake across high passes. Others pierce bedrock — CircleOfBlue.org

August 02, 2016 — Stay Tuned: Thinking critically about water on ‘Killing the Colorado’ — One of the points that documentary “Killing the Colorado” makes is that water is not an infinite resource. This is perhaps more deeply understood by those who have experienced water restrictions due to prolonged drought conditions in their home states, particularly in the West — mcdonoughvoice.com

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